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September 18, 2017

A Dane staying in the USA and a former employee at Danish tax were on September 8, 2017 indicted with gross fraud amounting to 37,4 million DKK.

According to a release issued on September 8 by Danish Serious Fraud Office (SØIK) the Dane, who is living in the USA, is protected by a name ban.

The former employee at Danish tax is furthermore indicted with malfeasance.

According to the indictment he accepted bribes more than 40 times. The bribes amount to more than 2 million DKK.

The criminal case is a fraction of an investigation, that has been going on since Danish tax reported alleged dividend stripping for billions to SØIK in 2015.

Since the scandal started, the amount of billions in this case has had to be increased several times, from 6 to 9 billion to at this moment 12,3 billion DKK.

The actual charge concerns a foreign company. In 2007 this company in 14 cases unjustifiably had Danish dividend tax refunded. This amounted to more than 37 million DKK.

The Danish man, who is living in the USA is the owner of the company, that according to the indictment gave untrue information to Danish tax.

The untrue information was approved by the former employee at Danish tax as responsible officer in charge.

According to the press release from SØIK, the Danish prosecution is protecting the indicted Dane living in the USA with a ban against mentioning his name.

On the other hand anyone in Denmark that care to know, is aware of the identity of the ageing former employee at Danish tax, as he participated as source in a documentary produced and broadcasted by Danish Television (DR).

At an early stage in the case about dividend stripping amounting to 12,3 billion DKK, Danish daily Politiken also told its readers, that the ageing former employee at Danish tax has a young Russian wife with ‘controversial business relations’.

The former employee at Danish tax is living in Sweden but close to Denmark. This means that both indicted persons in this case are Danish expatriates.

The criminal case against the two charged men is going to take place at the Court in Glostrup, a suburb to Copenhagen. The criminal case has not yet been put on schedule.

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Why doesn’t the press release from SØIK mention what arguments the prosecution has presented for maintaining a name ban concerning the Dane living in USA?

What year was the man born?

What is the name of the Danish American’s company at the center of this actual charge?

Where is the company registered?

What year was it established?

What kind of company is it?

Was it a shell company or were real business activities taking place at this company?

Who is counsel for the defendant concerning the Dane living in the USA?

Did the indicted Dane living in the US come to Denmark in May this year at his own free will?

After Danish Stein Bagger was convicted to 7 years in prison in the grand fraud case centered around IT Factory years ago, it emerged, that Stein Bagger was fully able to run a company from his prison cell.

Has the Danish American in this case full access to computer and the web while being kept custody?

If yes, is this reasonable?

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NOTABENE: All items posted at this blog are based on open sources.


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