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August 12, 2017

In a tax case pending at Danish tax high court, the authorities are claiming more than 50 million DKK from a Danish expatriate. This according to several news outlets on August 9.


How old is the Danish expatriate?

In what foreign country is he staying?

What has happened, since Danish tax is of the opinion that the man owes the authorities more than 50 million DKK?

What is the exact amount of money in question?

How did the Danish expatriate earn his fortune?

And in what way did tax evasion get a topic?

During what epoch precisely did the alleged tax evading activities take place?

How many countries are involved in this case about tax evasion?

For how long has the case been pending at Danish tax high court?

According to information that has been published, two monitored conversations between the man and his British lawyer is a core point in a dispute between the Counsel for the Defendant and Danish tax.

What is the name of the Danish expatriate’s British lawyer?

For how long has this British lawyer worked for the Danish expatriate?

What is the name of the British law firm employing the British lawyer?

Does the British lawyer have a comment to the case at this moment?

What is happening technically when Danish tax high court is treating a case?

Is it possible for the news media to be present?

If yes, were any reporters present until this moment during the Tax high court’s treatment of this case against the Danish expatriate?

When is the Tax high court going to state its decision?

Is one or more judges involved in the judgment?

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