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Breastfeeding debate

July 30, 2017

“Former Senator Larissa Waters made history when she breastfed in Australia’s parliament in May” a caption at BBC states this Sunday morning.
This is not quite correct: Mainstream history perhaps!
Nevertheless, the female who really was a pioneer making history in this tender area is Danish Tine Schmedes: In 1974 Schmedes fed her baby during a session at Copenhagen Citizens’ Representation at Copenhagen Townhall. She was then a newly elected member of Women’s List.
Sadly enough Tine Schmedes was asked by mayor Urban Hansen to enter an adjacent room while breastfeeding was on.
The debate about breastfeeding has been revived this July by Aliya Shagieva. She is the Kyrgyz president’s youngest daughter, BBC writes.
A picture of Aliya Shagieva feeding her baby dressed in her underwear has sparked a debate about breastfeeding and sexualisation. According to BBC the young mother states, that the female form has been hyper-sexualised and that she is intend on feeding her baby whenever the child is craving it.
On April 1, 1974 a press photo of Tine Schmedes feeding her baby went the globe around in the news media.
Below you find LINKS TO PHOTOS of Tine Schmedes then and now and a link to the news item from BBC.
Please notice that the very famous photo of Tine Schmedes actually is from a party at the townhall the same night as the political event.
Another less spectacular photo is documenting the real event as it took place.




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