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July 16, 2017

In October 2016 Danish official website’Statstidende’ was looking for the owners of abandoned accounts at 38 Danish banks.
The posting from Statstidende held the surprising information, that Nordic financial services group Nordea actually had almost 8,000 abandoned accounts, that is accounts where Nordea was unable to properly identify the owners.
This was by far the highest amount of forgotten accounts among the mentioned 38 banks.
At this moment nine months have passed since the item was posted at Statstidende.
How many owners of forgotten bank accounts have reported themselves to Nordea in order to get their deposits?
How big was the greatest financial deposit among those people, who actually responded to Nordea in order to get their money?
How many forgotten accounts at Nordea are still held by unidentified owners?
How great is the biggest amount among those accounts with still undeclared ownership?
Is Nordea investing employed human ressources in an attempt to identify the still obscure ownerships?
Actually, how did almost 8,000 bank accounts with obscure ownerships accumulate at Nordea?
How are things developing at the other banks in Denmark, that also held forgotten accounts?
How many account owners have surfaced totally, since the item about forgotten bank accounts was published by Statstidende?



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