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July 8, 2017

On June 21 Danish High Court (Ø.L.) suspended the nameban against one of two persons kept in custody in the case about fraud with the refunding of dividend tax amounting to 37,5 million DKK.
A 47-year old Danish expatriate, who is also kept in custody, is still protected by a nameban, Ekstra Bladet reported on June 21.
City court judge at the Court in Lyngby, Søren Holm Seerup, stated to the Danish tabloid, that the public deserved being informed about the identity of the 68-year old.
“It is a highly important story to be able to tell. I also agree with a statement from Ekstra Bladet, that it may differentiate the picture that at this moment has been painted of the case. In my opinion it is of importance to the society, the judge stated.

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In Denmark at this moment there are two alleged fraud cases with the refunding of dividend tax in existence: A grandiose case amounting to 12,3 billion DKK and in comparison a ‘tiny’ one amounting to ‘only’ 37,5 million DKK.
In the lesser 37,5 million DKK case two male persons are currently kept in custody.
The first of the two persons, the 47 year old, has been brought to Denmark from the USA. The other, at this moment 68-year old Sven has been transported to Denmark from Helsingborg in Sweden, where he lived with his much younger Russian wife.
The City Court in Lyngby and afterwards Danish High Court (Ø.L.) has suspended the nameban concerning one of the charged persons, while a nameban concerning the other of the two persons is being upheld.

¿Is this not a gross injustice?

Judging from a variety of Danish news reports the 47-year old Danish expatriate from the USA benefitted substantially more from the alleged 37,5 million DKK fraud case than the 68-year old, known from DR TV as ‘Sven’.

¿So why is the one individual, who seemingly gained most millions of DKK from the alleged crime still being protected by a nameban?

The other alleged culprit, 68-year old Sven, participated in the alleged crime, but seemingly gained much less money from it.

¿So why is it Sven, and solely Sven, who is going to being exposed to the public?

¿Is judge Søren Holm Seerup from the Court in Lyngby actually demonstrating good judgment in this particular situation?

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