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DR, tax haven Dubai, and the emergence of Sanjay Shah

June 25, 2017

On March 3, 2015 Danish national broadcaster and public service station DR listed 40 countries as tax havens in a graphic. But Dubai was not mentioned on the list.

How is it possible?

And why didn’t national broadcaster DR correct its erroneous graphic long time ago?

At least since the Danish public was informed in November 2015 that the Briton Sanjay Shah living in Dubai is the main suspect in the Danish case of fraud with the refunding of dividend tax amounting to 12,3 billion DKK, a correction would have been highly appropriate, wouldn’t it?

Why is DR turning a blind eye on Dubai?
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1 Andorra
2 Antigua og Barbuda
3 Anquilla
4 Aruba
5 Barbados
6 Bahrain
7 Bermuda
8 Bahamas
9 Belize
10 Cookøerne
11 Curacao
12 Dominica
13 Grenada
14 Guernsey
15 Gibraltar
16 Hongkong
17 Isle of Man
18 Jersey
19 St. Kitts og Nevis
20 Caymanøerne
21 Libanon
22 St. Lucia
23 Liechtenstein
24 Liberia
25 Marshalløerne
26 Montserrat
27 Mauritius
28 Nauru
29 Niue
30 Panama
31 Filipinerne
32 Seychellerne
33 Singapore
34 Saint Maarten
35 Turks- og Caicosøerne
36 St. Vincent og Grenadinerne
37 Vestindiens, Britisk
38 Vestindien, Amerikansk
39 Vanuatu
40 Samoa



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