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June 2, 2017

On April 10 Danish news outlet DR had learned, that several billions stemming from fraud with Danish dividend tax might have ended up at the Malaysian island Labuan, which is one of the world’s most unapproachable tax havens.
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How vast an amount of money does this information concern?

How many times has money been sent from Danish tax Skat to Labuan?

In what year did the money transfers to Labuan start?

During what period of time has Danish tax-billions been transferred to Labuan?

Has the names of the companies at Labuan receiving transfers from Danish tax Skat ever been made available to the public?

What kind of businesses are these companies actually doing?

According to available information several of the companies receiving money transfers from Danish Skat were situated at Brumby Centre at Labuan.

How many companies do this information precisely relate to?

According to DR the companies were established by TMF Group that is also registered at Brumby Centre.

Is there anything interesting for the general public to be learning about TMF Group at Brumby Centre in Labuan?

How is the international police collaboration centered around tax haven Brumby Centre at Labuan progressing?

Are police authorities in other European countries being helpful?
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