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US, CDC: Alzheimer’s disease deaths spike 55% over 15 years

May 26, 2017

Alzheimer’s disease deaths spike 55% over 15 years according to US Agency CDC. The story has been reported by an international news outlet.
”Federal researchers have found the death rate for those with Alzheimer’s disease rose significantly since 1999, especially among certain ethnicities over 85 years old or those in the south-east region of the US.”

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Who are going to be the brave nations that will join forces in investigating closely and without prejudices the causes of this disease?

How is for example the dental status of these deaths?

What ruinous chemicals are present in the body tissues, in bones and not least in the brains of the patients with Alzheimer’s disease?

And in their dead bodies?

Advanced hospital scanners capable of answering these questions do exist, so why not investigate on a practical high scale level?

Do various kinds of detoxication represent a possible treatment?

For example medical detoxication-products and procedures for miners exposed to metals in mines have been developed several decades ago.
Do these medical metal detox products represent a possibility when it comes to treating patients with Alzheimers?

Do these old products represent an avenue of approach and hope?

For sure, researchers and communities with a ‘people first’ attitude, is going to be the first that are able to state, how stopping the Alzheimer’s epidemic must be carried out, the disease cured and new cases prevented. Don’t you think?

By the way what are they growing mostly in the fields in the south-east region of the US?

/ UD


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