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May 17, 2017

For a while there were no news stories in the media about disputed expatriate Danish businessman Jesper Øhlenschlæger.
Then suddenly, Øhlenschlæger is back on stage as one of the sources in an extensive item at Danish ShippingWatch om May 16.
This item is about a bunker oil trade that went sour. (More about this later).
Nevertheless, Jesper Øhlenschlæger’s reappearance is offering an opportunity to ask him go into details about some of his previous statements in a Danish book about his fellow Danish expatriate Jan Bonde Nielsen.
The two men are former business partners in Nigeria.


How many young people altogether work for Jan Bonde Nielsen?

What kinds of educational backgrounds are required to come into consideration as an employee or partner?

Of what nationalities are these people?

How many are employees?

How many are partners?

How is future partners being spotted?

How is the hiring taking place?

Who is taking care of that part of the business?

By the way is Jan Bonde Nielsen the leader of an organization?
— — —

March 14, 2017
Controversial Danish businessman Jan Bonde Nielsen has a ’lot of young people’ realizing his ideas. Now bankrupt entrepreneur Jesper Øhlenschlæger from Aarhus in Denmark is stating this in a book about his former partner.
Jesper Øhlenschlæger is speaking to one of the two authors of the book. He is one of many sources in the book.
Among other places Jan Bonde Nielsen and Jesper Øhlenschlæger were previously doing business together in Nigeria.”Jan is often holding court. And he is the one who is speaking,” Jesper Øhlenschlæger says at page 338-339 in the book.
One of the festive events took place on the outdoor terrace at Radisson Blu. At the tables Bonde Nielsen had placed employees, partners and future partners.
Øhlenschlæger was also present.
”To run business that way is properly grasped. To have young people carrying out ideas is a fantastic idea. But it requires – and that is what goes wrong – that you yourself is able to do the following up. That if you say something, you also must be able to keep your word,” says Jesper Øhlenschlæger.
According to Jesper Øhlenschlæger his collaboration with Jan Bonde Nielsen ended during 2014.
The book about Danish Jan Bonde Nielsen tells many stories about a controversial business life abroad that has been kept under the radar, since Bonde Nielsen left Denmark decades ago following the bankruptcy of Danish shipyard B&W.
The Danish book carries a title that in English might be translated into something like “Jan Bonde Nielsen Revealed”. It was issued at the beginning of 2016. The authors are a team of journalists consisting of Birgitte Dyrekilde and Jan Teschl.


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