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May 17, 2017

In 2005 Kenneth Plummer was headhunted to be director general at Danish national broadcaster DR. In 2010 he was sacked.
Kenneth Plummer’s five years as head of Danish media juggernaut and cultural flagship DR is described in a Danish book “Plummer Summen af Kardemommen” by author Kurt Lassen.
Below are some core quotes from this book:

QUOTE: I have never been in mortal danger. The governing body is doing as it pleases, and no politicians have been capable of liquidating me, it they might have wished to. END OF QUOTE (page 17).

About the former director general’s self-perception: the following:
QUOTE: Management is about having a team, that is strong, because as a boss of thousands of employees, you cannot do things yourself. Then you must have a team and run the management through others. Some have to do the dirty work. As CEO you cannot be the bad cop. Then it gets difficult to be the central figure. You have to have some bad cops. END OF QUOTE (page 17)

At the first chief conference for all the leaders at SAS Radisson in Copenhagen DR’s former director general Kenneth Plummer showed a film clip from the gangster film ‘Untouchables’, where Robert de Niro during a gala dinners talks about team spirit and in front of the entire assembly unmotivated smashes one of his employees to death with a baseball board.
When the light is turned on Kenneth Plummer is standing with a baseball board saying “Now you sort of know, what it is about”. According to the book some of the people present were aghasted.

For those wondering how a headhunter company succeded in getting Kenneth Plummer employed as director general at DR the book gives the following explanation:

QUOTE: Media spokesperson for Liberal Party of Denmark Jens Rohde is expressing in words, what among several observers of the employment process was considered a public secret. That Minister of Culture Brian Mikkelsen was in favour of Kenneth Plummer heading the chair as director general. END OF QUOTE

That the once renowned media institution may never have fully recovered from its moral downfall is mirrored from time to time at Dr’s news site, most recently in an item published as lately as May 17.
Accompanying a video clip a test is stating: ‘Jakob is playing death-hammer: After three strokes something extremely uncomfortable is happening to you.’
That’s a bit out of tune, isn’t it? / UD


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