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May 16, 2017

On June 14 Danish journalist Lise Nørgaard is celebrating her 100th birthday – 82 years with journalism included!
For this accomplishment the Danish Publicist Club on Monday rewarded Lise Nørgaard with a newly established honorary award, MediaWatch reports.
Stylish and chic Lise Nørgaard states that she prefers to be remembered for her journalism. Nevertheless the Danish tv series ‘Matador’ has made her immensely popular among her fellow countrymen.
The idea of Matador was conceived by Lise Nørgaard and she is the main author of the many episodes about life in a typical provinsiel town.
Lise Nørgaard was also an active force in having the narrow streets of Copenhagen City transformed into a pedestrial zone in 1962.
As a chief editor for a weekly mostly for women, Lise Nørgaard observed, that her female secretary often was too busy to assist her boss, because the secretary often was asked mending buttons for the many male department heads at the weekly.
Lise Nørgaard resolutely called the men for a ward meeting and with the authority of being the boss, she insisted they should take the following instructions seriously. Then she teached the many macho men how to use a needle and a tread and how to mend buttons.
The journalistic trade media ’Journalisten’ is celebrating Lise Nørgaard’d approaching 100th year birthday interviewing this tiny fine old lady.
Here Lise Nørgaard emerges as razor sharp as ever. During the conversation she is stating, as Lise Nørgaard has done before, that in her opinion the labour market is the most recreational area that is existing.

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