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May 3, 2017

Not all news items are being communicated via the mass media. An accidental encounter in a supermarket may also lead to knowledge about a great but disturbing new development.
For example during such a chance meeting Karen Østergaard, chairmember of Danish NGO VaccinationsForum said that at this moment there are several examples of previously acknowledged measles mumps rubella-vaccine damages (MMR) being overruled!

— — —

How many cases does this new Danish procedure concern?

What authority previously acknowledged, that the cases were indeed MMR-vaccine damages?

What authority is at this moment changing the former rulings?

What is the foundation for setting aside former rulings?

Do the setting aside of former decisions influence the financial compensations the previously alleged vaccine damaged children received?

Is that money going to be repaid?

Or are the authorities ‘only’ setting aside former inconvenient decisions?

What are the political perspectives of this new reversing practice?

Does it influence cases about alleged vaccine damages, that Danish Statens Serum Institut (SSI) recently was sold cheaply to a company outside Denmark?

Did Statens Serum Institut (SSI) by this manoeuvre rid itself any of inconvenient insurance responsibilities?

What about insurance responsibilities that date back in time?

What are they like those individuals that have been overruled? Are tv-viewers radio-listeners and readers going to meet them and th hear about their health issues? / UD


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