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April 30, 2017

By Ulla Danielsen,
In Denmark one of the most common surnames is ’Jensen’. For that reason it was a bit of an anticlimax learning, that the female, singer songwriter Leonard Cohen immortalized in his unforgettable song ‘So Long Marianne’ in real life was named ‘ Marianne Jensen’.
All the more surprising it is discovering that the most recent surname convicted fraudster from Silkeborg Lasse Hartmann has picked for himself is also ‘Jensen’.
Gone, maybe forever, is ‘Lars Petraeus’. Now Lasse Hartmann has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes as ‘Lasse Jensen’.
According to his conviction Lasse Hartmann abused a lot of people financially and some even emotionally.
Are there also people out there having reasons to feel abused because of Hartmann’s choices of alternative surnames?
What does famous Danish news reporter Lasse Jensen for example think of Hartmann’s most recent name-invention?
And what does a famous and highly respected former Danish foreign minister surnamed ‘Jensen’ make of it?
The Danish man, who probably was baptized Lasse Hartmann, has been on trial in London on 22 counts of fraud. He was scheduled to be sentenced on April 28, but seemingly it didn’t happen.
According to Danish TV2 the sentencing is postponed until May 25. The source of this piece of information is ‘Lasse Jensen’ communicating via Facebook.


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