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Danish TV2 News: Lasse Hartmann, alias Lars Petraeus, has changed his name for the third time. At this moment he emerges on Facebook as ‘Lasse Jensen’

April 29, 2017

The story is reminiscencing of fraud convicted former IT Factory CEO Stein Bagger from Frederiksværk in North Zealand, who with regular intervals has been changing his identity.

Lasse Hartmann from Silkeborg in Jutland for a while branded himself as ‘Lars Petraeus’ but at this moment he names himself ‘Lasse Jensen’. This according to Danish TV2 News.

On April 6, Lasse Hartmann was convicted with 22 counts of fraud at Snaresbrook Crown Court i London, and on April 28 he was scheduled for sentencing. But seemingly this event was postponed.

Nevertheless, Danish TV2 News managed to be communicating with Lasse Hartmann alias ‘Lasse Jensen’ via Facebook: “ – I have not been sentenced today. The case has been postponed until May 25, Lasse Jensen alias Lasse Hartmann writes to TV2 via Facebook”.

It must be noted, that TV2 Nyhederne did not report, how the tv station verified, that Lasse Hartmann alias Lars Petraeus and newly conceptualized Lasse Jensen are indeed the same person?

Scrutinizing the web it doesn’t look like the postponed sentencing of the Danish fraudster was reported by British media on April 28.

One of the many victims of Danish serial-fraudster Lasse Hartmann is the London-based food blogger Adanma Wokoh, who for a while has been his fiancée.

According to UK news reports Lasse Hartmann, 43, started an online relationship with Adanma Wokoh.

After winning her trust, Adanma Wokoh allowed Lasse Hartmann to control two inactive bank accounts belonging to her.


UK tabloid The Sun reported, that the 43-year-old amassed £133,0000 through the alleged schemes, with the prosecution saying the accused conman had run the same scams “again and again”, targeting different victims.

Eleanor Mawrey, prosecuting, said Hartmann offered his alleged victims deals on vintages which never materialised.

Hartmann was then able to live the high life, hiring a driver and personal assistant while living in a rented luxury flat on Park Lane, Mayfair, after wheedling cash from his fiancee Adanma Wokoh – who he had gifted with an engagement ring that turned out to be worth just £20.



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