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April 25, 2017

In her homeland South Korean dressage rider Chung Yoo-ra together with her mother is indicted with being the owner of a German shell company, that received approximately 130 million DKK from South Korean Samsung Group and others.
Chung Yoo-ra, who is a young mother with a toddler son, is currently being kept in custody in a prison in Aalborg in North Jutland Denmark. She was arrested on January 1, this year.
On April 19, the Court in Aalborg decided, that Chung Yoo-ra must to be extradited to South Korea. This ruling was an affirmation of a previous ruling issued by the Danish director of public prosecution.
Chung-Yoo-ra’s councel for the defence, lawyer Michael Juul-Eriksen appealed the desicion to Danish High Court.
— — —
What is the name of the German shell company?

Where is it registered?

When was it established?

What professional company has assisted in establishing the German shell company?

Is this company situated in Germany or somewhere else?

Is the shell company still going?

Or has the money deposited in the shell company been frozen?

Are German authorities one way or another involved in the case about Chung Yoo-ra? / UD


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