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April 23, 2017

By Ulla Danielsen,
In 2010 Danish daily Information reported extensively about a research leader at a research center who had committed fraud. The location in question was an autism research center situated in Århus. The item described how the research leader had boasted to his students that he was ‘ready to kill’ in order to make it big. When the fraud was discovered the research leader cleared out. But seemingly he didn’t forget to bring with him his data-registers.

In December 2016 Danish Television (DR) broadcasted a documentary “The Billion Coup” about the main suspect in a Danish case about fraud with the refunding of dividend tax amounting to 12,3 billion DKK. His name is Sanjay Shah, and as some will already be aware he is currently living in Dubai.

Sanjay Shah has been paying great sums of money to autism research in Great Britain and other places. Because of his substantial donations he is among the selected few influential people, who in reality are steering the directions of international autism research.
With this in mind it is interesting observing, that Sanjay Shah in October 2016 staged an ’Autism Rocks’ concert with Major Lazer in Dubai, that was presented to its live audience as a ”Killer Party”. This is documented via youtube.

Maybe the research into what actually is causing autism will not progress, until it gets out of the hands of these metaphorically speaking ‘killer-minded’ individuals?

Maybe those people, incapacitated by autism the globe around, would be better served by researchers, who have a humility at heart compared with those researchers in power, who seemingly have nothing but ‘killling’ and worldly ambitions on their minds?

What can possibly be the sociological explanation of the ‘killer’ words presence among autism-chiefs?
— — —

Original quote from Danish daily Information: »Jeg er klar til at slå ihjel for at komme frem«.


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