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ATENCIÒN: April 26: Danish parliament debates L 185 The legislation about compulsory treatment

April 23, 2017

”With the bill it is suggested introducing rules, according to which compulsory treatment of lasting incapasitated somatic patients above 15 years of age will be sanctioned.
Furthermore regulations about forced intervention, that are assuring, that the forced intervention can be carried out, including rules for physical retention, the use of sedatives, compulsory hospitalization, retention and recapturing (of the patient) and implementation of personal hygiene is suggested.
The desicion about compulsory treatment and forced intervention can solely be decided by a doctor or a dentist, and furthermore the decision requires consent from the patient’s closest relative or guardian.
In order to safeguard the patient’s legal rights, it is suggested, that it will be made possible to complain about the decision of using force to the Tribunal about Cumpulsory Treatment, that is going to be established at the Danish Patient Safety Authority. Furthermore it is suggested that decisions about and any completion of compulsory treatment and forced intervention (apart from personal hygiene) must be reported to Health Data Agency.”
L 185 Bill suggesting the implementation of legislation sanctioning the use of compulsory somatic treatment of lasting incapacitated patients has been proposed by acting minister of health Karen Ellemann, Liberal Party of Denmark.

SOURCE: The homepage belonging to the Danish parliament Folketinget,


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