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April 22, 2017

When did Lasse Hartmann run away from serving his sentence in Denmark?

How big a part of his sentencing was left unserved when he disappeared?

Did Lasse Hartmann serve his sentencing in prison?

If yes, what prison?

Or was he equipped with Electronic tagging ?

If yes, who was supervising this electronic tagging and its elusive content?

What lawyer was defending Lasse Hartmann in the Danish court case?

Authorities in the United Kingdom (UK) has stated, that Lasse Hartmann is going to be handed over to the Danish police, when he has fulfilled his sentencing in the UK. Do the relevant Danish authorities have a comment?

According to himself Lasse Hartmann alias ‘Lars Petraeus’ has a highly spectacular CV. What are the main points in Lasse Hartmann’s real CV consisting in?

Will there be Danish correspondents in London or journalists from Denmark present, when the court in London is stating the fixing of his sentence?

A speculative question: Is is possible that Lasse Hartmann alias ’Lars Petraeus’ has been in touch with Sanjay Shah, who is the main suspect in the Danish case about fraud with dividend tax amounting to 12,3 billion DKK?

Lasse Hartmann alias Lars Petraeus from the Danish town Silkeborg was recently sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court in London for extensive fraud targeting many individuals.

Until Sanjay Shah in 2009 moved to Dubai, he used to live at Snaresbrook Drive in Stanmore. There he was the owner og 2 houses, that currently have been seized by the UK police. This according to the tv documentary ‘The Billion Coup’ broadcasted by Danish Television (DR) in December 2016.
The one is a sentenced fraudster, the other is the main suspect in a fraud case amounting to billions of DKK.
The one is a Dane. The other had Denmark as his field of operations, if the charges are confirmed. Do they actually know each other?



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