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1 KILO GOLD 9999

April 14, 2017

Last month Dutch prosecutors launched co-ordinated raids in several countries against suspected money-launderers and tax evaders.
Paintings, cash, a luxury car, jewellery and a gold bar were seized.
A press photo of the seized gold bar reveals that it is ‘1 kilo gold’. It is stamped 9999. Below this stamp another rectangular stamp. And further below a number.


What story could this gold bar actually tell?

Have reporters shown the picture of this heavy golden item to a gold bar expert?

What would an expert be able to tell about its history?

Where does this particular brand and design of gold bar stem from?

Could it possibly come from an existing National gold reserve?

Or is that to be excluded?

How old is the gold bar? Is it antique? Or has it been cast more recently?

What is it worth in money?

Where could it have been sold, in the owner had been in need of cash?

If one deposit a 1 kilo gold bar in a bank as security, how much money can one lend?

Is a gold bar just a gold bar, or are some of them extra valuable because of their previous history?
— — —
According to BBC the Dutch prosecutors launched the co-ordinated raids in several countries against suspected money-launderers and tax evaders on March 31.
The Dutch authorities stated, that they were investigating about 3,800 Dutch-linked accounts in an unnamed Swiss bank following a tip-off they could contain undeclared assets. As well as the Netherlands, there were searches in France, Germany, the UK and Australia.



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