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April 4, 2017

The Tracking Group at Danish Serious Fraud Office (SØIK) has seized a helicopter.
This was reported by DR News on March 27. On the other hand it was the one sole fact that was reported.
Nevertheless, this tiny piece of data might lead to the following questions:

When precisely was the helicopter seized?

Under what circumstances?

How did the people from Danish Serious Fraud Office get on track of the helicopter?

Is the seizing of the helicopter somehow related to the seizing of a Beechcraft 1900D airplane in 2011?

What brand is the helicopter?

How old is it?

How many passenger-seats is it equipped with?

What is it worth?

What has happened to the helicopter since it was seized?

What was it used for?

Has it been used internationally?

Is it much missed by its former owners?

Was the seizing of the helicopter accompanied by arrests?

Actually how many Danish citizens have licence to fly a helicopter?

Into what main categories may the helicopter flying license holders be divided?
— — —
Danish Serious Fraud Office’s Tracking Group is established with the aim of finding and seizing values stemming from crimes.



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