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April 4, 2017

In 2011 an airplane was discovered in a hangar i Northern Jutland. Afterwards it was seized by The Tracking Group belonging to Danish Serious Fraud Office.
The spectacular discovery was reported 6 years ago by a Danish daily. A press photo displayed the plane accompanied by a caption about the finding.
On March 27 DR News reported further details about this hitherto severely under-reported news item.
The finding concerned a top modern turbo plane Beechcraft 1900 D with 18 seats.
The seizing took place in the aftermath of a tip off by Dutch authorities to their Danish collegues. The Dutch authorities held the opinion, that this plane had been financed by the profits from a Dutch fraud case amounting to 1,2 billion DKK. No less.
Unfortunately the news item didn’t communicate any further details about this Dutch fraud case?
The seized airplane caused a lot of troubles for The Tracking Group at Danish Serious Fraud Office.
The chief for The Tracking Group, special prosecutor Michael Ejlerskov says in an interview with DR: “There was a lot of practical challenges with this airplane. Should we finish the rebuilding? And what about the rent for the hangar? The engines had to be started once a week or else the factory warranty was lost. There were a lot of troubles, and many problems had to be solved. But in the end it was flown to the Netherlands. There the authorities took it over and it was sold, says Ejlerskov.”
The Tracking Group at Danish Serious Fraud Office employs seven persons. The special police department has been designed to hunt money stemming from crimes. Michael Ejlerskov has been chief since 2007.
The news outlet spoke to Michael Ejlerskov because he is heading the efforts to claw back as much as possible of 12,3 billion DKK that has been siphoned off Danish tax in an alleged giant fraud case.


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