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April 2, 2017

In the fraud case centered around Danish IT Factory and Stein Bagger, Danish and US authorities collaborated closely when they searched for 200 million DKK, that vanished from the insolvent estate.
This according to the chairman of Danish Tax Lawyers, Christian Bachmann in an interview with Danish Television (DR).
The billion fraud in IT Factory emerged in November-December 2008.
By the end of March this year DR published several news items and tv spots about the alleged fraud with the refunding of Danish dividend tax amounting to staggering 12,3 billion DKK, and in this context IT Factory is also discussed.
The point is that it maybe will be less difficult clawing back billions of DKK from the US than from Dubai, where the main suspect in the fraud case, Sanjay Shah, reportedly is staying.
According to DR as much as 5 billion of totally 12,3 billion DKK, siphoned off Danish tax, probably ended up in the US.
DR News writes that almost 200 small pension funds have been used as shell companies in the grand billion swindle.

SOURCE: Tax lawyer: Good news that money from tax fraud ended in the USA



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