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March 25, 2017

By Ulla Danielsen,
Wearing nothing but his underpants and with his trousers burned into his flesh a 16 year old boy in February returned to his family home in the Danish village Ry.
The boy had been the victim of an attack with burning gasoline.
It was later concluded, that be had been burned on 50% of his body from the navel and below.
The boy who is of Afghan origin was so shocked, that he was unable to speak.
Later on four Danish boys were arrested for the attempted gasoline assassination against the Afghan boy, whom they attempted burning alive. The arson happened on Monday February 6.
The Afghan parents that together with their children came to Denmark in 2005 as refugees since asked, how things could develop that far?


Looking for an answer to this urgent question it should not be overlooked, that Danish Television (DR2) in the documentary “In the Clutches of the Sect” described, how a lay preacher as part of the humiliations in a Free Church in the Danish town Silkeborg, urged young people to drench others with grill fluid.
The documentary in two parts was broadcasted by DR2 in December 2016.
The village Ry is situated not far away from Silkeborg.


When Denmark was getting too hot for him, the lay preacher from Silkeborg slipped away to Orlando in Florida. In the US he founded yet another Free Church.
Recently he returned to Denmark on his own free will thus avoiding extradition. The case is being investigated by the police of Eastern Jutland.


In the US a case is also pending against the Danish lay preacher.
The Florida-based charges stem from former members of the Free Church, that the Danish lay preacher succeded in establishing and running while staying in Orlando Florida.
Nevertheless, it is a pressing question whether any Danish news reporters actually have questioned the US police about this particular aspect?
Are there any Orlando-based testimonies claiming that drenching others with power fuel was actually part of the game in the Free Church that was rund and led by the Dane?

CONTEXT: Danish daily Kristeligt Dagblad, June 28, 2012:
QUOTE: Boys, who are being drenched with power fuel and girls, that have been forced to appearing naked while filmed. These are some of the charges raised against the Pentecostal Free Church “Byens Kirke” in Silkeborg. The former lay preacher at Byens Kirke Christian Laursen has now been reported to the police by a former churchgoer. END OF QUOTE


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