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March 22, 2017


Did Danish media ever cover a spectacular dispute treated at a law court in London with Jan Bonde Nielsen as one of its protagonists?

In December 2016 Danish expatriate and controversial businessman Jan Bonde Nielsen, who is in his late seventies, allegedly had been summoned to court in Chancery Division in London in a billion-fight about – among other things – extraordinary complicated real estate property dealings.

This according to the book ”Jan Bonde Nielsen Afsløret” (Jan Bonde Nielsen Revealed) issued at the beginning of 2016.

But did the allegedly scheduled Bonde Nielsen court case in London ever result in as much as one sole news item in Denmark?

The news sites belonging to the Danish media seemingly haven’t reflected any headlines, have they?

Nevertheless, the sheer size of the disputed amount of money should
in itself be qualifying for news coverage, shouldn’t it?

The court case that allegedly was taking place in December 2016 is mentioned for the first time at page 254 in the book about Bonde Nielsen and then at pages 356-357.

Here it emerges that an Iranian businessman, Joseph Ghadami, hopes being enabled in repealing an old court ruling with new proofs.

Paul Bloomfield, who is being referred to in the following, is on of Jan Bonde Nielsen’s close business allies.

According to the book Iranian Joseph Ghadami was aiming at having the court case in December leading to Jan Bonde Nielsen being forced into paying his share of the billion, that Paul Bloomfield is owing to Mohammad Ghadami.

”In the short and the long run, yes. Whether the judge in December will handle it, is unsure, but following hearings are going to. Maybe Jan Bonde Nielsen in December is going to be involved in the court ruling concerning 110 million pound, because they have told so many lies at court,” Joseph Ghadami writes in an email to the authors of the book. A copy of the email is displayed in the book.

In the 1970ties Jan Bonde Nielsen – without being the owner of much money – suddenly became one of Denmark’s biggest company owners.

In the book he is described as a master of corrupted environments who understood how to use his relationship with the Danish monarchy as a short cut into high society.

Yes, in Russia some parties even believed that he “was part of the Danish royal family”. This according to page 189 in the book, that for many reasons makes excellent reading.

The authors are a team of journalists consisting of Birgitte Dyrekilde and Michael Teschl.


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