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March 5, 2017

The Danish minister of Justice, Søren Pape Poulsen, is refusing changing the mass collection of information about Danish phone and Internet traffic, that the EU Court in December ruled illegal, news outlet Berlingske reported on Friday.
“With eyes open the minister of Justice is continuing an illegal mass surveillance. It is a democratic scandal, when the European Court of Justice twice has stated clearly, that the rules we have in Denmark are contrary to EU law,” spokesman for Unity List, Rune Lund, stated. He has called for consultations on Wednesday.
Danish news outlet Information reports, that Pape is facing a difficult dilemma, as he doesn’t want to limit the mass surveillance of all Danes, but is confronted with an EU ruling forcing him to do so.
The Minister of Justice’s is in trouble, because the EU in a fundamental judgment by the end of December last year provisionally undermined the attempt to ignore how intrusive these data are.
According to the judgment EU’s fundamental rights are blocking for a ”national legislation that, aiming at fighting crime is deciding a general and undifferentiated storage of all traffic and location data concerning all subscriptions and registered users concerning all means of electronic communications”.

SOURCES: Berlingske page 6-7, Information page 1.


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