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…”a network of his companies outside Russia.”

March 4, 2017

QUOTE: As the business people didn’t turn up, Jan Bonde Nielsen did something else. He invited members of the duma, ministers and Russian and foreign business people and instructed those who actually came, about how they might be enabled in investing outside Russia through a network of his companies.

”He arranged big meetings and behaved like an emperor.” Rud Tikjøb tells. ”Held meetings with members of the duma and ministers. Some om them were not amused.”

The possibilities of establishing funds and companies abroad, particularly in tax- and information havens were also trades, that Bonde Nielsen knew of. END OF QUOTE

SOURCE: ”Jan Bonde Nielsen Afsløret” (Jan Bonde Nielsen Revealed”) page 156-157. The authors are respectively Birgitte Dyrekilde and Michael Teschl. The book was published at the beginning of 2016 in Denmark.


Altogether, how many companies did Jan Bonde Nielsen have in his network of companies outside Russia during the 1990ties?

Is a catalogue of all the company names available somewhere?

How were these companies named respectively?

Where the globe around were those companies located?

How many of the companies were investment companies?

How many of the companies traded in assisting customers with tax havens?

How many of these companies are still ‘going’?


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