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February 26, 2017

Swedish financial services group Nordea is continuously refusing to answer 2 crux questions about tax evasion. This according to Danish daily Politiken on Sunday.
The first of these as of yet unanswered questions is concerning Nordea’s bank for wealthy people in Luxembourg.
This department of Nordea has 433 clients with companies in tax havens, apart from 129 customers with connections to Panama and/or the law firm Mossack Fonseca already described in the paper on Sunday.
“What did the examination of these 433 customers and their companies in tax havens reveal, and how many of those customers did the bank decide to dismiss? That question Nordea refuses answering,” the reporter writes.
“And what about the rest of Nordea? The bank in Luxembourg is a tiny spot in the big Nordea-context. How many customers with arrangements in tax havens have an account at Nordea in Denmark, in Sweden, in Finland or not least in Russia, where Nordea is performing a considerable amount of banking transactions, and where Nordea’s own directors had companies in tax havens, as the Panama Papers revealed?”
That question is also left unanswered by Nordea, the journalist states.
He further writes that many other parties apart from Politiken have asked these questions to Nordea since the leaks known as Panama Papers: The authorities in Denmark, Sweden and USA have initiated investigations. Furthermore Nordea is the target of a Danish police investigation concerning violation of the rules, that were supposed to regulate and prevent money laundering.
On Sunday Swedish financial services group Nordea is the topic of 2 big news items in Danish daily Politiken.
On the frontpage a headline states ‘Nordea granted customers tax evasion’. On page 6 the headline says ‘ Nordea will be “completely transparent” about customers with connections to Panama, but remains silent about other tax havens”.
The stories are reported by investigative reporter at Danish daily Politiken John Hansen.


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