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February 24, 2017

Last summer the scandal about supposed fraud for billions with the refunding of Danish dividend tax reached new hights, when a subordinate male employee at Danish tax ‘Skat’ in Høje Taastrup was charged in the case.

At that precise moment in the ever developing story, the fraud was estimated to be about 9 billion DKK. That amount of money has since then been upgraded to 12,3 billion DKK.

Danish daily Politiken reported on June 11, 2016, that the charged person is ”A supposed insider, who among other things had made himself noticed by his collegues by having an expensive lifestyle, expensive cars, and a very young Russian wife with controversial business relations.”

Danish daily Jyllands-Posten reported on the same day, that the man was said to have ”rather expensive habits.”
”He is said to have been driving cars, that seem remarkably expensive for a publicly employed office clerk, and it was Danish tax itself, that appealed to Serious Fraud Office (SØIK) about having him investigated. (Sic).

Half a year later, on December 20, 2016, Danish Television broadcasted a documentary ‘The Billion Coup’ about the case of fraud with the refunding of dividend tax.

At that moment reporters from Danish Television had, as the first and only ones, identified the charged person.
It emerged that he was a 67 year old male named Sven. The man had even accepted being interviewed on TV.

Rather noteworthy, the young Russian wife was not mentioned at all during the documentary produced by Danish Television.

Furthermore, neither did the TV viewers hear anything about Sven having an expensive lifestyle or any mention of expensive cars.
Whatever the reason for these omissions?
Was the story about wife, cars and lavish lifestyle untrue?

Sven’s job was processing the enormous refunding of dividend tax at Skat’s special unit in Høje Taastrup.

The documentary made it clear, that his job was to a very high degree routine work, and it was made equally transparent, that Sven was what you might call ‘the man on the floor’.

On February 23 this year, Danish Television made the coverage of the grand tax fraud scandal progress one step further.

The news item is about the Assistant Director at Danish tax, who was responsible for some of the changes in the organization, that made it easier for foreign swindlers to siphon 12,3 billion DKK out of Danish tax: He received a severance pay amounting to 815,000 DKK, when he left Danish tax ‘Skat’ last year.

Sven on the other hand was expelled from Danish tax, Skat, in April 2016. It happened simultaneously with him being charged in the case by Danish Serious Fraud Office (SØIK).

The story about Sven and his young Russian wife was reported in the Danish media on June 11, a date named in Danish ‘Fandens fødselsdag’, literally meaning ‘The Devil’s Birthday’ but being in fact quarter day.


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