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Hey Jack Irvine, Media House International

February 11, 2017

British Sanjay Shah refers to you as his PR-agent in a Danish case of fraud with refunded dividend tax amounting to 12,4 billion DKK.

As Sanjay Shah, when caught on the phone, willingly confirms his identity, but abstains from commenting on charges raised against him,

what are you able to state concerning Sanjay Shah’s reaction to the fact, that he currently is being ‘considered charged’ by the Danish authorities in the multiple billion DKK fraud case?

Concerning yourself, how do you feel about being paid your PR-salary with money, that is suspected of stemming from gross financial crime?

Don’t you care, or do you care?

When did you start working for Sanjay Shah?

Did it just click between you two pals?

Why is it that Sanjay Shah’s former employees, and the former employees at investment company Solo Capital Partners are scared of talking about him?

Is this anxiety real?

What would they potentially be risking?

What made you accept working for this much feared person?

By the end of 2015 one of Sanjay Shah’s former employees, who spoke anonymously, actually stated to a Danish news outlet, that Shah’s company Solo Capital Partners was, or is, an extremely secret organization.

Why is that?

Who is benefitting from Solo Capital Partner’s secrecy?

Jack Irvine, is Sanjay Shah allegedly living in Dubai, a real human identity?

Or is it all bogus?

Frankly Jack Irvine, has this figure ‘Sanjay Shah’ been designed and set up as a fall guy?

Time is passing. Nothing much is happening concerning discovering the wild ways of the billions of DKK stolen from Danish tax authority Skat. What do you think of this situation?

It is a disgrace, isn’t it?
— — —
Earlier in his career fraud suspected Sanjay Shah’s PR-agent Jack Irvine worked in the British printed press both as a reporter and as an editor, but in 1991 he established the advising agency ‘Media House International’ with offices in Glasgow, London and New York. The company is specialized in crisis management and lobbyism. This according to a news item produced by Jesper Høberg at Danish daily Jyllands-Posten.


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