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Sanjay Shah growing bigger

February 7, 2017

From a female tv-source living in Sanjay Shah’s former London neighbourhood Stanmore, Danish viewers of the news program TV-Avisen learned, that Sanjay Shah currently living in Dubai, has gained some extra kilos since leaving the UK. That was her reaction, when being shown a photo of Sanjay Shah. A Danish tv-reporter was knocking on the doors of some of Shah’s former neighbours speaking to them.
Naturally the weight issue raises questions as to what Sanjay Shah actually looked like when still living in the United Kingdom?
Aren’t there any photos of Sanjay Shah from this epoch of his life, when Shah was still undisputedly being considered a successful financier on top of Solo Capital in London?
There must be some photos, mustn’t there?
At least if we are meant to believe, what we are repeatedly being told about Sanjay Shah.
As many people know, British citizen Sanjay Shah is one of the suspects in a Danish swindle case about the illegitimate refunding of dividend tax amounting to staggering 12,3 billion DKK.
Sanjay Shah is also the founder of an alleged charity, Autism Rocks.
Is it to be imagined, that Sanjay Shah’s PR agent Jack Irvine is in a position to provide news hungry news outlets with press photos of Sanjay Shah’s former and current looks?
Two houses formerly belonging to Sanjay Shah in Stanmore were seized by British authorities in 2016. With this in mind a Danish reporter went around in a street in Stanmore talking to some of Shah’s former neighbours.
SOURCE: News item in TV-Avisen Danish Television broadcasted simultaneously with the documentary The Billion Coup on December 20, 2016.


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