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Carsten Vagn Hansen: Taurine plays a great role in the cure of alcohol dependence

February 6, 2017

Danish former radio doctor Carsten Vagn Hansen: Taurine plays a great role in the cure of alcohol dependence. Among other things a gram three times a day reduces the risk of psychotic episodes.
A study of more than 3,000 people depending on alcohol showed, that those who received a supplement of taurine had less relapses than those who got placebo. A reasonable supplement is 500 mg 3 times a day.
Taurine as a supplement is safe in doses up to 4 – 5 gram, under all circumstances 3 gram and below.
If potassium is elevated, supplements should not be prescribed.
Taurine stabilizes brain function. It has been used in cases of epilepsy, anxiety, hyperactivity.
Children cannot produce taurine.
SOURCE: An item in Danish about Taurine produced by physician Carsten Vagn Hansen.
Years ago Carsten Vagn Hansen hosted the Danish radio program “Radiodoktoren”. The program had many dedicated listeners.
Today Carsten Vagn Hansen’s many practical and down to earth medical advises are available on the web in Danish.
Carsten Vagn Hansen’s great achievement is that he assists ordinary people in remaining healthy or in improving their health.


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