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February 4, 2017

When was Sanjay Shah’s company Syntax founded?
Where does it belong?
What kind of company construction is Syntax?
How is the relationship designed between Syntax and Solo Capital?
Is Syntax a subsidiary to Solo Capital?
Syntax is seemingly specialized in the reclaiming of the dividend tax, customers have paid the world around. What countries are Syntax operating in?
How many companies in Sanjay Shah’s network are actually specialized in reclaiming money?
How many companies in Solo Capital’s network are officially granted the privilege of issuing proofs, that a customer owns shares in a defined company in a defined country?
How does a company get formally approved to issue this kinds of proofs concerning shares in Danish companies?
What Danish authority administers the distribution of this privilege?
What qualifications are required to be allowed to issue this kind of proofs?
What procedures are assuring that there is no swindle in the issuing of proofs concerning who owns shares in defined companies?


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