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January 29, 2017

Have any parties, either the media or the authorities, ever published a list of the 189 US pension funds, that one way or another play a role in the Danish case about alleged fraud with the refunding of dividend tax for 12,3 billion DKK?
What are the names of these 189 US pension funds respectively?
To what professional groups do these pension funds belong?
In what Danish companies are the 189 US pension funds allegedly shareholders?
Were the 189 US pension funds actually customers in the Solo Capital related reclaim company Syntax, that according to Danish Television plays a core role in the tax fraud scheme?
Or has the 189 US pension funds been bluntly abused?
Likewise, has a list ever been published of the names of the 29 companies with addresses in Malaysia, that also play a core role in the fraud scheme?
Is it known in what Danish companies these 29 Malaysian companies are supposed to be shareholders?
Are they actually holding shares in those companies?
How many of the swindled 12,3 billion DKK relate to the USA? And how many to Malaysia?


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