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Danish book “Jan Bonde Nielsen Revealed” now available to the visually impaired

January 28, 2017

The story of Denmark’s maybe most controversial businessman during five decades, Jan Bonde Nielsen, has been made available to the visually impaired.
Jan Bonde Nielsen, who is educated as a gardener, became known when he in the 1970’ties emerged out of the blue so to speak and bought Danish shipyard B&W.
In the aftermath of this shipyard’s following bankruptcy and a farcical trial course, Bonde Nielsen turned his back on his native country and settled in London.
From London he succeeds in drawing a picture of himself as a successful and very rich businessman, who moves from the one giant transaction to the next one.
During all those years Jan Bonde Nielsen has been a member of the inner circles of Danish monarchy, a connection that assisted in opening many doors to him.
But below the surface stories are lurking about lots of lawsuits, secret settlements and billion-businesses, often carried out with money belonging to others and with one foot in an underworld of bankrupts and criminals.
The story stretches from Denmark over London to Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Kenya and other parts of the world.
The quotes in the book from Jan Bonde Nielsen himself stems from previous individual conversations with the two authors, Birgitte Dyrekilde and Michael Teschl.
The residue includes among others things court documents, testimonies and conversations with many people at home and abroad.
The Danish Magnum-copy of the book about Jan Bonde Nielsen is in two parts. It has been issued by the editorial Lindhardt & Ringhof.
In its own shocking way the book is highly interesting and actually deserves being issued in an English version too. A translation into English most probably would find itself an international audience in many countries on several continents.


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