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January 27, 2017

By Ulla Danielsen,
Coming to think about it, there are some striking similarities between Carl Freer and Sanjay Shah, aren’t there?
Carl Freer is a kingpin with close business relations to long since collapsed IT Factory.
When 3 Danish journalists went searching for IT Factory CEO Stein Bagger’s money, they were able to conclude that the search for 200 million DKK repeatedly ended by the name ‘Carl Freer’, who was never interrogated by Danish police.
Likewise the Briton Sanjay Shah has not yet been heard by Danish police. This in spite of him being the main suspect in a more recent and much grander Danish scandal about fraud with the refunding of dividend tax amounting to staggering 12,3 billion DKK. The Danish public heard about Sanjay Shah for the first time in November 2015. It is 15 months ago, and still he has not been heard. Sanjay Shah is living in Dubai, and that makes it complicated for Danish police to get in touch with their billion fraud main suspect.
Another common feature between the to figures is that people who have been close to either Carl Freer or Sanjay Shah are scared of them. This has been described in the Danish documentaries “Find Stein Bagger’s Money and “The Billion Coup” respectively.
Furthermore both Carl Freer and Sanjay Shah have business relations with the music industry. Just ask Sting. For example the English singer songwriter Sting had to sue Carl Freer in an attempt to get a salary for a gig, he had been hired to perform. Sanjay Shah is arranging rock concerts in Dubai through his private charity Autism Rocks.
When it comes to presenting their own versions of what kind of people they really are through videos, they also communicate in strikingly similar ways.
Carl Freer posted a professional graphic video on the web explaining why he is not a gangster.
Likewise in the documentary The Billion Coup there are video graphics that stem from Sanjay Shah himself, explaining how he successfully mix business relations with friendship. The two videos are so similar in design that one might suspect they were produced by the same PR agency.
Finally there is the tricky issue of talking to the press. That is not the two reverend gentlemens cup of tea.
The 3 Danish journalists who went the globe around searching for Stein Bagger’s money never succeded in getting an interview with Carl Freer.
Neither did the 2 Danish journalists in “The Billion Coup” get an interview with Sanjay Shah although they traveled to Dubai and managed to get through to him on the mobil phone. But alas, Sanjay Shah simply instructed them to talk to his PR-agent Jack Irvine.


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