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January 26, 2017

By Ulla Danielsen,
In the Danish tv-documentary The Billion Coup (Milliardkuppet), two reporters and a photographer from Danish Television go to a rock concert in Dubai. The concert is arranged by British financier Sanjay Shah in order to raise money for his private charity Autism Rocks. The theme of this concert is Halloween.
However, Sanjay Shah is – as some will know – not only a philanthropist. He is also the main suspect in a Danish criminal case about fraud with dividend tax currently amounting to staggering 12,3 billion DKK.
The two reporters are unsuccessfully in their aim, which was getting an interview with Sanjay Shah. However the photographer succeeds in filming Sanjay Shah briefly, when he goes to a rest room and afterwards when hi is returning to his extra secure VIP-lounge. There is even a few seconds of filming documenting the interiour of this VIP lounge. Please see the documentary timeline from 37:05 – 37:07.
The question one is left pondering after viewing closely this brief sequence of pictures is, who it actually is, that is keeping Sanjay Shah company?
If it is plump and tonsured Sanjay Shah to the right in the pictures, who then is the pale gentleman to the left, that is accompanying Sanjay Shah in the VIP lounge?
Is Sanjay Shah’s PR-agent Jack Irvine able to identify this male individual? Would Jack Irvine kindly inform the public?
Are there anybody else who is able to identify British citizen Sanjay Shah’s enigmatic companion?
Philanthropism aside, is this pale and seemingly dark haired acquaintance of Sanjay Shah, aware of the fact, that the Briton is wanted by Danish authorities in a staggering 12,3 billion DKK fraud case?
The Danish tv-documentary The Billion Coup produced by Danish Television was broadcasted on December 20, 2016.


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