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ATENCIÒN: 189 American pension funds and 29 Malaysian companies involved in giant Danish fraud case about the alleged unjustified refunding of 12,3 billion DKK from Danish tax Skat

January 24, 2017

In August 2015 the Danish authorities got a tip from Great Britain that 189 American pension funds and 29 companies with addresses in Malaysia without justification had 12,3 billion DKK paid out.
Behind all these companies the same person Sanjay Shah is to be found. Sanjay Shah is being investigated by Denmark, but moved to Dubai when the suspected fraud was revealed, and it is not expected, that he is going to be extradited.
This according to the Norwegian news outlet abc nyheter. On January 2, 2017 abc nyheter reported about the giant Danish scandal about fraud with the refunding of dividend tax amounting to 12,3 billion DKK.
Both Norway and Belgium have been swindled in the same way as Denmark, but for less amounts of money. According to abc nyheter Norwegian authorities points out their obligation to maintain professional secrecy, when asked whether Sanjay Shah is also standing behind one case of fraud and 10 cases of attempted fraud against Norway.
— — —
What are the names of the 189 American pension funds that are involved in the giant Danish fraud case?
What exactly does ‘American’ mean in this context?
Are they – all of them – based in the USA?
What are the names of the 29 companies respectively with addresses in Malaysia?
What kind of business are these 29 Malaysian companies doing?
Why does Denmark have a special and lucrative agreement about the refunding of dividend tax with Malaysia, as has been reported to be the case?
When was this Danish Malaysian agreement signed?
Who actually signed the Danish Malaysian tax agreement on behalf of Denmark?


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