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Dan Olmsted, the inspired journalist who went to the Amish community to check out their autism-prevalence is dead

January 24, 2017

Years ago, US-based journalist Dan Olmsted visited this country’s Amish population in order to report, how the autism epidemic was affecting those societies, that traditionally avoid innoculations and vaccines.
Dan Olmsted found about a handful of children with this diagnosis, and for those he actually discovered, there was a sensible explanation in each case, as for example in one on them, the child having been adopted from the surrounding society.
On Tuesday the American news site Age og Autism reported, that Dan Olmsted is dead.
Maybe journalist Dan Olmsted’s reporting from his voyage to the Amish communities ought to be revisited?
Maybe other reporters ought to travel in Dan Olmsted’s footsteps. What is status quo when it comes to the Amish people and the ongoing autism epidemic in 2017?
Is there anything for the openminded to learn? / UD
— — —
Age of Autism, US: A Sad Announcement from Age of Autism
QUOTE: We are heartbroken to announce that our dear friend, our brilliant colleague, journalist par excellence, dedicated book co-author, the heart, soul and leader of our “rebel alliance,” Dan Olmsted, passed away this weekend.

Age of Autism has been a family for many years, and to all of you, we send our condolences, as we are grateful for yours.

We will share more information as it becomes available. And the rebel alliance will carry on in his name, we assure you.

Mark Blaxill, Kim Stagliano and the entire Age of Autism Team END OF QUOTE

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