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Danish tax, Skat, advertises again. This time in order to get into contact with owners of 2,500 forgotten bank accounts

January 8, 2017

During October 2016 Danish tax was searcing for owners of Danish bank accounts that together held deposits of 90 million DKK.
This year Skat is advertising again. Further 2,500 seemingly forgotten bank accounts have emerged. Together they hold deposits of 19 million DKK. This according to Danish media on January 5.
Skat communicated its newest findings through a press release. Potential owners are urged to check Danish ‘Statstidende’. There a list of the forgotten bank accounts is available.
The 7 financial institutions with forgotten bank accounts advertised in 2017 is respectively Danske Bank, Saxo Bank, DIBA Bank, Andelskassen Fælleskassen, Nykredit Bank, Klim Sparekasse and Sparekassen Thy.
The most valuable of the forgotten bank accounts holds a deposit of more than 400,000 DKK.
MX has made a link to the forgotten bank accounts available here:
Why haven’t the other Danish news media done the same?

Link to story about forgotten bank accounts here:


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