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January 1, 2017

In the Danish tv documentary “The Billions Coup” a document possibly in latin (?) is displayed at the video timeline circa from 08:10 – 08:15
This happens in the middle of this narrative:
Narrator: “In July last year Danish Tax (Skat) receives a tip from the British authorities about possible fraud.”
Source Thomas Rønfeldt, lecturer, Legal Department, Aalborg University: “The supposed swindlers have asked Danish tax to repay dividend tax, which they claim, has been paid to the Danish tax authorities on their behalf.”
Narrator: “The swindle has happened through the refunding of dividend tax. For every year Danish companies can pay out profits to their shareholders. As a foreign shareholder you always have to pay a bit more than a quarter of this amount to Danish tax. But some countries have special agreements making it possible for the shareholders applying to have parts of this amount refunded from Danish tax, or as a chosen few to have the complete amount refunded. The chosen few are for example American Pension Companies and companies based in Malaysia.”
The document is displayed on the tv-screen but the journalists don’t refer to it and don’t explain what it signifies.
Neither is it explained, who is actually signing this document?
It might be interesting to know, who was Danish tax minister when these special agreements were enforced?
Why does Denmark have a special agreement on this topic with Malaysia of all countries?
Has the Danish parliament Folketinget been involved in deciding about the evolvement of these special tax agreements in any way?
The documentary “Milliardkuppet” produced by Danish Television (DR) was broadcasted in Denmark on December 20.
See the Danish documentary in the link below, and please pay special attention to the time sequence from 08:10-08:15. / UD


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