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December 30, 2016

The Danish tv-documentary ‘ The Billion Coup’ indicates that not only Europe but also North America might be interested in getting hold of British citizen Sanjay Shah, who is currently living in Dubai.
Sanjay Shah is the main suspect in a Danish case of fraud with dividend tax amounting to 12,3 billion DKK.
English speaking Brook Harrington, who is a lecturer in economic sociology at CBS (Copenhagen Business School in Denmark) is commenting on Sanjay Shah being committed to the autism cause and collecting money for autism research through his private charity ‘Autism Rocks’ founded in 2014: – I don’t know Sanjay Shah. Maybe he has some pure motives here to do good works. His strategy might be to make it less attractive for the government of Dubai to give him up to European or North American law enforcement, Brook Harrington is commenting.
By the means of his charity ‘Autism Rocks’ Sanjay Shah is arranging concerts with international rock stars in the name of autism.
The tv-documentary produced by Danish Television shows a video clip of a highly confident Sanjay Shan on stage in Dubai at the international autism day. His speaking voice in the microphone is forcefully expressive.
Contrary to this Sanjay Shah is sounding surprisingly subdued when he unsuspectingly is finding himself online with a Danish journalist, who managed to get through to the financier’s private number via mobile phone.
High profile Dubai-based billionaire Sanjay Shah is the founder of the investment company Solo Capital in London that is playing a key role in the alleged giant fraud scandal. According to the documentary, another company Syntax also founded by Sanjay Shah likewise plays a key role in the story about how staggering 12,3 billion DKK was siphoned out of Danish tax Skat.
The ‘Billion Coup’ was broadcasted in Denmark on December 20, 2016. / UD
See the Danish documentary here:


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