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December 17, 2016

By Ulla Danielsen,
When Michael Dyrby was humiliatingly tumbled from power as chief of Danish tv-station TV2 in November 2015, the intrigue was orchestrated by Miki Mistrati, then leading editor at Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet.
This fact is completely omitted in a news item published by Danish MediaWatch in a report about Miki Mistrati being hired by Time Inc UK in Great Britain to lead this company’s Television Department.
Suppression of the truth is also lying. Why is MediaWatch concealing the truth about Miki Mistrati disgracefully pulling the strings in a serial of events that had the only purpose of benefitting his own career?
Why is Danish MediaWatch not feeling obligated towards the name it is so proudly displaying? Has the newsroom given up on its ideals?
Miki Mistrati left Ekstra Bladet in April 2016. The former leading editor was never trained as a journalist. His career as a reporter started at now defunct youth magazine Chili at the beginning of the 1990ties.
Among other things Miki Mistrati went undercover and joined Danish hooligans’s South Side Brigade at Brøndby Support. He also wrote about mentally ill children, he told Danish


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