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December 9, 2016

Officially the Cyprus-based holding company ”Alkinz Group Holding” is the owner of Danish now shutdown newssite
Nevertheless the company is seemingly not to be found at its address in Cyprus, Danish daily JyskeVestkysten reports on
December 8.
According to the Danish register of companies, the ‘CVR register’ Alkinz Group Holding is registered in Nicosia at Cyprus, but when the daily called the company PremierPlusLimited registered at this address two employees were unable to confirm this piece of information.
A Cypriotic employee at the address, that is named by the daily, states that ”they don’t know the company at the address.”
The named female in Cyprus continues explaining, that the building was owned by others five years ago, and that the people behind Alkinz Group Holding maybe didn’t remember to inform about their current whereabouts.
Only very little information has been available since was winding up on Wednesday and 14 employees were sacked. The owner Kasper Christensen remains silent.–Mystikken-breder-sig-over-lukning-af-Dagens-dk&psig=AFQjCNEA1PcOX7GAnNgK3uItPoHrtbKW7g&ust=1481359077069425


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