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From Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet to Time Inc UK

December 9, 2016

Whatever a certain school mistress of Southern Copenhagen or former chief at Danish TV2 Mikael Dyrby may be thinking, Danish Miki Mistrati, has seemingly landed himself a new prestigious job.
According to Campaign Miki Mistrati is going to lead Time Magazine’s production of documentaries and factual programming.
In November 2015 a press release surprisingly stated, that TV2 director Mikael Dyrby was leaving his post immediately.
Only later was it explained, that a romantic extramarital affair had resulted in photos of a naked and inspired Mikael Dyrby being circulated among the employees at the tv-station, he was supposed to lead.
It later emerged that the female charecter involved in the affair had confided in Miki Mistrati, who had approached her, but whom she did not know in advance. The woman had even shared her delicately private photos electronically with her new acquaintance. The woman later said to Danish radio 24/7, that this was something she should never have done.
Miki Mistrati, who at this time was a leading editor at Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet, allegedly wanted a high level job at TV2 but Mikael Dyrby had opposed the idea at a personal meeting between the two of them.
In April this year Miki Mistrati left his position as leading editor at Danish Ekstra Bladet. How Mistrati got wind of the affair between Dyrby and his muse was difficult to grasp and never satisfactorily explained. Is he psychic?
Miki Mistrati started his career in the press as a reporter at now defunct Chili Magazine. Here he wrote about mentally ill children, he has told. He never received formal training as a journalist – this according to himself.


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