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Danish media: Nameban protecting fraud convicted bunker oil company Monsaja in Fredericia is no longer in force

December 9, 2016

On December 6 a nameban was suspended by Danish Western High Court (VL) concerning the bunker oil company Monsaja in Fredericia. This according to Danish media.
During this summer Monsaja, an international bunker oil company in Fredericia, was convicted with fraud at the Court in Kolding. However a nameban was upheld even after the court ruling.
The irregularities were associated with the deliverances of bunker oil to a customer in Malaysia, and the fraud amounted to 24,3 million DKK, a local daily reported.
At the Court in Kolding Monjasa was convicted to paying a fine of 10 million DKK, and one of the company founders, director Jan Jacobsen, was convicted to 3 years and 6 months in prison.
Furthermore the verdict stated, that for 5 years Jan Jacobsen was not allowed to head a company in Denmark or abroad. Jan Jacobsen was also denied the right to be professionally employed in the oil business for this period.
The case was appealed to Western High Court, but is not expected to take place until the autumn of 2017.
After the conviction at the Court in Kolding Danish daily Jyllands-Posten appeled the nameban to Western High Court resulting in the current dismissal of the it.
During the court case this summer it emerged, that employees from Monjasa systematically had swindled with the deliverances of oil to shipping company Pacific Inter-Link in Malaysia.
A picture in a local newspaper shows one of the oil company’s own product oil tankers named ‘African Leader’.

Monjasa A/S was named Ernst & Young DK Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012, which is considered one of the world’s most prestigious business awards.

In 2013, Monjasa went to Monte Carlo to compete globally with more than 50 other country finalists at the Ernst &Young World Entrepreneur Of The Year awards.

See historical youtube video from the 2013-event here:


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