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December 3, 2016

Members of Danish People’s Party are uncertain whether Danish Oil Company (Dansk Olieselskab) is a safe card as buyers of refinery-properties in Fredericia, EjendomsWatch reported on October 18.
In the coming months Danish Competition and Consumer Authority will decide, whether Danish Oil Company (Dansk Olieselskab ApS) will be given permission to buy Shell Refinery and oil terminal at Skanseodden, a local daily for Fredericia reported.
The businessman Tommy Frank from Randers is the backer of Danish Oil Company. During his professional career Tommy Frank has been declared bankrupt more than once.
Tommy Frank was director of the company until a few days before it was bought. At that time the company’s net capital was raised from 50,000 DKK to 10 million DKK.
”It sounds odd, that you found a company with the sole purpose of buying a refinery. And 10 million DKK doesn’t sound like a lot of money, if you are going to run a refinery and be able to afford the duties concerning security and environment”, Susanne Eilersen, member of the Danish Parliament Folketinget for Danish People’s Party says.
In October she announced a row of questions to the Danish minister of trade and the Danish minister of the Environment.
Earliers still, on September 15, the media EjendomsWatch reported, that Danish expatriate and disputed businessman Jan Bonde Nielsen was lurking in the wings in the Danish Shell-trade worth half a billion DKK.
Furthermore, at the beginning of 2016 two journalists published a book about Jan Bonde Nielsen, that among many other stories also portrayed the relationship between the London-based man of the world, Jan Bonde Nielsen, and businessman Tommy Frank from Randers, who is somewhat impressed by his elder collaborator.
For example it is described how Tommy Frank was the sole signer of debts amounting to 14,4 million dollar, when the couple were doing windfarm business together and the Southkorean Busan Bank, that was also involved in the project, went bankrupt.
The book describes two decisive meetings at Jan Bonde Nielsen’s former farm in Kenya, and how Tommy Frank was kept out of influence, and was not even present, on the first of these two events. He was – so to speak – only flown into Africa, when his presence was required.
German Ubbo de Witt, who was the instigator of the windfarm, describes Tommy Frank as the one who suffered the greatest losses of all persons involved in the adventure about the windfarm. On February 9, 2011 Tommy Frank Holding was ordered to be wound up by the court in Randers. This according to the book ‘Jan Bonde Nielsen Afsløret’.
Danish prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (Liberal Party of Denmark) recently re-arranged his cabinet.
Conservative Brian Mikkelsen is appointed Danish Minister of Trade and liberal Esben Lunde Larsen is appointed minister of the Environment.
The two authors of the book *Jan Bonde Nielsen are respectively Birgitte Dyrekilde and Michael Teschl.


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