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In December Danish expatriate Jan Bonde Nielsen is going to the court of justice in London in a billion dispute

November 17, 2016

This December Danish expatriate and businessman Jan Bonde Nielsen is going to the court of justice in Chancery Division in London in a billion dispute about – among others thing – extraordinarily complicated property transactions.

This according to a book issued this year in Denmark. Translated into English the Danish title might run something like ”Jan Bonde Nielsen Revealed”. The authors of the book are respectively Birgitte Dyrekilde and Michael Teschl. Both are journalists by profession.

The approaching court case is mentioned in the book at page 254, and afterwards at the pages 356-357.

Here it emerges, that an Iranian businessman, Joseph Ghadami, is hoping to be enabled in overruling a former court ruling with new proofs. Paul Bloomfield, who is being referred to in the following lines, is one of Jan Bonde Nielsen’s close business partners.

According to the book Iranian Joseph Ghadami is aiming at having the court case in December resulting in Jan Bonde Nielsen being obliged to paying a part of the billion, that Paul Bloomfield owes to his relative Mohammad Ghadami.

”In the short and long run, yes. Whether the judge in December will handle it, is unsure, but the following hearings are going to. It is possible, that Jan Bonde Nielsen is going to be involved in the £110 million ruling against Bloomfield in December, because they have lied so much at court,” writes Joseph Ghadami in an email to the two authors of the book.

Jan Bonde Nielsen, who in the 1970’ties – without being the owner of much money – suddenly became one of Denmark’s greatest business owners, is described in the book as a master of corrupt environments, who has understood how to use his relationship with the Danish royal family as a means of entering the higher circles of society.


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