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August 31, 2016

Crucial error at page 14 in James Ottar Grundvig’s book ’Master Manipulator’: The erroneous name ’Dr Thomsen’ in original AU-statement is incorrectly changed to ‘Dr. Thorsen’in the book.

By Ulla Danielsen, DK-Copenhagen,
On January 22, 2010, then Managing Director of Danish Aarhus University (AU) Jørgen Jørgensen had to swallow the bitter pill and issue a ‘To whom it may concern’ STATEMENT about the university’s former high profile autism researcher Poul Thorsen.
In the statement Aarhus University (AU) distances itself from Poul Thorsen and all his doings.
But maybe Jørgen Jørgensen should have taken his time and scrutinized the document a mite more carefully before allowing it to be issued to the public: The statement fills two pages, and for whatever reasons, sloppiness or other, at page 2 line 3 ‘Dr. Thorsen’ errorneously had evolved into ‘Dr Thomsen’. Quite a peculiar error in a document issued at what is supposed to be ‘university level’, isn’t it?
Nevertheless, in a new book from the US, ‘Master Manipulator’, about Poul Thorsen, ‘Dr Thomsen’ incorrectly emerges again as ‘Dr. Thorsen’ in the quoted document.
Thorsen or Thomsen? The devil lives in the detail, as the saying goes. It may even apply to the name Thompson, mentioned otherwhere in the same book.
‘Master Manipulator’ carries the subtitle ’The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement and Government Betrayal at the CDC’. One might say that the honorable author left out a chink in his armour when he constructed that subtitle – and then went on to change a quote.
The book ‘Master Manipulator’ is written by New York-based James Ottar Grundvig. It was issued in 2016 by Skyhorse Publishing.
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See the original STATEMENT from Aarhus University with its name misspelling at page 2 line 3 in this link:,d.bGg


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