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Two men, did they ever meet?

August 31, 2016

By Ulla Danielsen, DK-Copenhagen
On November 28, 2015 a story with the headline ‘Two men’ was posted at this blog.
Below follows a new and updated version of that semi-old story:

Scientific circles although spanning the globe around, may sometimes be very small indeed.
Reading about British Sanjay Shah, the founder of the recently established charity ‘ Autism Rocks’ makes you ponder about another international autism-figure, Danish Poul Thorsen. Did the two men ever meet? They have more than one thing in common.
Whereas Poul Thorsen is indicted in the US for stealing American taxpayers money, that was earmarked for autism research, British Sanjay Shah is searched for by Danish Serious Fraud Office (Bagmandspolitiet) in connection with a tax scandal currently amounting to 12,3 billion DKK.

That astronomic much money was cheated out of Danish tax authority SKAT in the greatest ever (known) Danish tax fraud case, and Sanjay Shah, who is a resident of Dubai, is the main suspect. Together with his many interwoven companies situated in tax havens the globe around.
In 2011 US authorities claimed to have Danish Poul Thorsen extradicted in order to bring him to justice over there. More recently Danish authorities have aired an interest in having Sanjay Shah extradicted from Dubai, a wish that may prove very difficult to accomplish.

Status quo in the Poul Thorsen case is unknown – at least to the news reading Danish public. Poul Thorsen is not eager to talk to the press in person. Sanjay Shah has spoken to the Danish press only twice, but seemingly prefers communicating through his media adviser.
However, apart from autism, the two men seem to have one more thing in common: An obsession with taxpayers money.


Furthermore, the two men seem to equal each other when it comes to intellectual capacity: The one analyses a lot. The other has a ‘sharp analytical mind’ as it is described:

“I analyse a lot”, Sanjay Shah stated in the interview “IN AID OF AUTISM” with Dubai-based FridayMagazine. The topic was arranging music events with famous rock stars:

QUOTE “That’s sort of when I thought that putting on concerts would be something I’d like to do – and might be a way of raising money,” he says. “I used to promote gigs when I was a student at King’s College university in London and it was such good fun but it has meant that, ever since, whenever I’m at a concert I’m always thinking, ‘They should have a burger stand here,’; ‘They should have done this or that with the lighting,’ or ‘If they’d charged less for the tickets they might have attracted more people, which would have made more money’. I analyse a lot. END OF QUOTE
Danish Poul Thorsen equally seems to have a gift of analyzing according to James Ottar Grundvig’s new book “Master Manipulator”, that was issued recently.
At page 23 of that book James Ottar Grundvig describes Poul Thorsen: “He was neither fickle nor feckless, as much as he possessed a lust to feed a voracious appetite for research and knowledge. Instead he would dabble his talents and sharp analytical mind across an array of subjects, diseases, and disorders, whether in the mind (autism), the nervous system (cerebral palsy), or the womb (preterm delivery issues).”,d.bGg&psig=AFQjCNE-yqWnHIkakEPNC8MGJsCe5w9V8A&ust=1472743347569253


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